UK Fellowship attended autonomy celebrations in Zimbabwe


Over hundred members of the UK Fellowship of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe (MCZF-UK) attended the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe (MCZ)’s 40th Autonomy Celebrations on t

Rev Sibanda  Mr Gidi

he 17th to the 20th of August 2017. The delegation was comprised of all representatives of the Fellowship’s organisations [Men’s Christian Union, Ruwadzano/Manyano, Youth, Evangelism, Choir] and some of its members across the Fellowship’s 30 branches in UK.


MCZF-UK Chaplain Revd. Cleopas Sibanda, who was also part of the delegation said: “ We were so excited to join our Brethren from across the globe in celebrating our 40th Anniversary of our Autonomy.”




Revd. Sibanda added, “Our members are proud to be Zimbabwean Methodists working under the auspices of the Methodist Church in Britain. We remain connected to our Zimbabwean style of worship and to the worship in our own languages. It was an opportunity to bring a fresh and varied expression of worship.”


As we celebrated 40 years of autonomy from the British Methodist Church, we reflected on some of the work of Zimbabwean Methodists in the UK. With God’s grace, we have worked to support the church both in Britain and Zimbabwe in its mission and Christian social responsibility. Last year the MCZF-UK raised money to buy food packs distributed by the MCZ all over the country in response to the drought appeal in Zimbabwe.


This year, we have focused on helping Matthew Rusike Children’s Home to refurbish their eight housing units. The units needed new flooring and we have raised enough money to put floor tiles in all eight housing units. Our members have also donated two vehicles and a substantial amount of goods to the home.


MCZF-UK National Chairperson, Mr Gabriel Gidi said: “We are humbled by our members’ act of compassion. What the Fellowship is doing is a clear testimony that we are a church on the move and that after 40 years of autonomous ministry in Zimbabwe, we are ready to take the church to another level. The work of the UK Fellowship shows that the MCZ is a growing church that is responsive to the needs and challenges of our time; a church that continues to influence people even when they move to the diaspora.”


He said, “Our members are now involved as ministers and leaders at every level in the Methodist Church in Britain, helping to sustain and revive the church in the United Kingdom.”


The MCZF-UK congratulate the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe on reaching this milestone. We are grateful to the MCZ for nurturing the men, women and young people who moved to the UK to work and to become new missionaries. We believe that what has been achieved in the first 40 years of Autonomy is only a fraction of what the church can and will do in the next 40 years. We are confident that He who started the excellent work in the MCZ will finish it until the day of Christ Jesus.  

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