The Methodist Church Zimbabwe Fellowship UK was formed in 2002 by a small group of Zimbabwean Methodist women. It was officially inaugurated by Rev Cephas Mukandi, the then Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. The establishment of the MCZF-UK is recognized by the British Conference, through the World Church office. The Fellowship has since grown into a body made up of about 30 branches across UK, Scotland and Ireland, with a membership that has been bordering on 1000.

Mrs Annah Mwadiwa, one of the founding members explains, “Still missing the home style of worship, ngoma nehosho, I bumped into a friend and she mentioned to me that there was an Inter-denominational organisation of Zimbabweans that met in London. In March 2002, I attended these meetings, and the Methodist ladies wore their Manyano uniforms. This was quite a relief. On the sidelines of the Zimbabwe Christian the Zimbabwean ladies got the opportunity to meet and deliberate on the way forward for a Ruwadzano/Manyano group in the U.K. I communicated with the then Presiding Bishop Rev Cephas Mukandi and his wife Mrs Anna Mukandi whom I had worked with back home. The Bishop received the news with joy.

He gave us the blessings to start meeting and he said he was coming to attend the Methodist Church in Great Britain conference in July 2003. On 5th July 2003 Bishop Mukandi presided over a meeting held at Foresgate. Men and children were also involved as they heard of our meeting with the Bishop. The date of 5th July, being our official inauguration date has become the Fellowship’s anniversary date,” she said. MCZF-UK is not a church but a fellowship within MCGB and whose membership comes from different local churches across the country.


The first fellowship Chaplain was Rev George Mawire from 2005-2010 followed by Rev Adam Nyawo, 2010-2015 and the current Chaplain Rev Cleopas Sibanda from 2015 to present.