Rev Andrew Ndhlela Remembered

MCZF-UK Celebrates 30th Memorial Service of Rev Andrew Ndhlela


 By Naison Bangure

Members of the Methodist Church Zimbabwe Fellowship joined the Ndhlela family at Wesley Chapel London on Sunday 23rd November 2014 to commemorate the 30th Memorial Service of the late Reverend Andrew Majoni Ndhlela.

The MCZF-UK’s choir entertained the congregants and the Chaplain, Rev Adam Nyawo delivered the service sermon. The late Reverend Ndhlela was the first president of the Conference of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. Speaker after speaker paid tribute to the man of God, who, during his life, touched the lives of many people.



Addressing the service, speakers recounted Reverend Ndhlela’s role in the efforts towards a solution to the Zimbabwean political crisis of the 1970’s. It was reported that he represented the Christian Council of Rhodesia in the delegation to the historic Geneva Conference that included Zimbabwean heads of Denominations. He was remembered for his advocacy for a peaceful settlement to the Zimbabwean Question. Reverend Ndhlela was also remembered for spearheading the autonomy of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.


Officiating at the Memorial Service attended by a cross section of Zimbabwean and British Methodists were Rev Jennifer Potter of Wesley Chapel and Mr Naboth Muchopa, formerly of the Methodist World Church Office.

Ms Irene Mckay who went to the then Rhodesia as a missionary and settled at Kwenda Mission in 1969 rendered a moving testimony of her association with Reverend Ndhlela during those years when he had been imposed as head of the Rhodesian outpost of the Methodist Church which had status of District.


Other tributes were given by MCZF-UK Secretary Mr Felix Nganjo and Mr Andrew Ralephata, Rev Ndhlela's grandson before the final speech and closing remarks by Rev Ndhlela’s daughter Cllr. J Laguda (MBE) and Dr Laguda, son in law. In her remarks, Cllr. Laguda acknowledged the families who were present, of the late Reverends Mapondera, Manyoba and Makwehe with whom her father had worked during their years.




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