From The Chaplain's Desk


Please let us hold ourselves in prayer every day of the month praying for God’s mercies in various areas of our lives and for those who can fast every Wednesday God will hear us.


Please pray for leaders and Branches of the Fellowship on each day of the month as indicated remembering any other people special needs that you know. – LET US PRAY FOR THOUGHTFUL AND BLESSED CHRISTMAS







Day of the month

Prayer Point


1. Friday

MZCF –Chaplaincy and National Executive Team – Unity is Strength

Psalm 133:1

Genesis 11:16

2. Saturday

Pray for world peace-seeking   God’s presence

Psalm 29:11

Isaiah 54:10

3. Sunday

First Sunday   of advent-as the two women surrender their lives   to God and rejoicing filled with the Holy Spirit

Isaiah 2:1-5

Luke 1:39-56

4. Monday

Pray for all Christians   -Growth in spirit especially those being persecuted for being Christians

Jeremiah 20:11

Deuteronomy   3:22

5. Tuesday

Pray for the Fellowship   -spirit of unity, encouragement and boldness

Ephesians 3:12

Hebrews 13:6

6. Wednesday


Praying for a spirit filled all night and council   meeting- there is power in unity and   fellowshipping before God

1 John 1: 3

Philippians   2:1-2


Let us pray for all our ministers- God of power and deliverance

1 Thessalonians 5:25

Acts 14:23

8. Friday

Pray for all young people -God show us the way

Psalm 144:12

1 Timothy 4:12

9. Saturday

Pray for council meeting and Christmas all night – seeking guidance of the Holy Spirit and worshipping in once   accord

Colossians 4:2

Ephesians 6:18

10. Sunday

Second Sunday of advent- Angels’ purpose to magnify   and glorify the power of the Lord- separating us from sin

Luke 2: 13-14

Genesis   3:24-25

11. Monday


Pray for Ruwadzano/Manyano -Let us be your loyal servants

1 Timothy   2:11-12

Romans 12:4-5

12. Tuesday

Pray for all those facing trials and temptations- trust and faith in the Lord

Proverb 3:5

Psalm 37:5

13. Wednesday


Rebuke a new form black people enslavement and people trafficking-which   is thriving in some countries to stop the torture and unnecessary killing of   our children

Exodus 21:14-16

Galatians 3:28

14. Thursday

Pray   for all children -let the young ones come to me

Matthew 19:14

Psalm 127:3

15. Friday

Pray   for Matthew Rusike Children’s home- remembering the children especially   at this time of Christmas

Psalm 146:9

Job 29:12


Pray   for Evangelism and its leadership -proclaim the word to all

Matthew 28:19

Mark 16:15

17. Sunday


Pray for all who are suffering –for God’s guidance

Proverbs 3:5-6

John 16:13

18. Monday

M.C.U-Pray for love and   respect for each other- lord teach us to be respectful

Romans 12:9

Mark 12:31

19. Tuesday

Pray for all bereaving and grieving and for the sick - in times of hardship we look upon you Lord

John 14:1-4

Psalm 23:4

20. Wednesday


Pray for immigration- We   pray and thank God who is amidst us in all this

Jeremiah   23:23-24

Colossians   2:6-7

21. Thursday

Our Chaplain and family-

1 Peter 5:2

Hebrews 13:7

22. Friday

Let us pray for all the Methodist Churches in   Britain and all over the world - I worship the   Lord all the time

Judges 5:3

Acts 2:47

23. Saturday

We are lifting our hearts in preparation of   the birth of King of Kings

Mica 5:2

Matthew 1:23

24. Sunday

Third Sunday of Advent –   The three wise men bring Gifts of faith

Matthew 2:9-11

Hebrews 11:1-2

25. Monday

Hallellujah today is Christmas, a King is born- the birth of our Redeemer

Isaiah 9:6

Luke 2:7

26. Tuesday


Prayer of thanksgiving -   for the birth of our King

Psalm 69:30

1 Chronicles   16:8

27. Wednesday


Pray for our beloved nation Zimbabwe- God’s guidance and presence as we stand in hope

Romans 8:26

Psalm 33:12

28. Thursday

All Leaders and branches- God give me the power and wisdom

1 Corinthians 1-18

Ecclesiastes 7:12

29. Friday

Praying for Rohingya Refugees in Myanmar- Only God can deliver His people

Psalm 46:Psalm   46:

John 14:27

30. Saturday

The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe (MCZ) – The Lord is our Shepherd

Nehemiah 1:4-9

Psalm 23:1-4

31. Sunday

Pray for the United Kingdom and all over the world rebuking unnecessary killings

Psalm 20:7

Isaiah 59:8