South-West Social Day Kicks Off 

MCU Southern region social day was hosted by Section South-West on 15 March 2014 at Basingstoke Branch. It comprised social activities and bible discussions.  The event was attended by members from Southampton, Surrey, Basingstoke, London and Slough.


English men of the Basingstoke Trinity Church participated in one of the bible topics and this gave a good measure of diversity to the subject. There were 23 members from the Methodist Church Zimbabwe Fellowship-UK. Six members of BCU, the young people's wing of the MCU were also present. 


The picture gallery below includes Section meeting activity with MCU President, Rev Nyawo. This was also held at Basingstoke on 23 March 2014. 


South-Western Region at Basingstoke 

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MCU holds its first Bible School in Birmingham

In an effort to revive and grow the Men and Boys’ Christian organisations within the Methodist Church Zimbabwe Fellowship, the Men’s Christian Union (MCU) and Boys’ Christian Union (BCU) held their first Bible school at Selly Oak Methodist Church, Birmingham on Saturday 7-8th May 2012. 

The day kicked off with devotions and lessons for all led by President of the MCU and BCU, Rev Adam Nyawo who talked about the importance and purpose of both the MCU and BCU card. This was followed by Praise and Worship led by Southend-on-Sea and all London branches. 

 The Bible School was an ‘eye opener’ for some in particular new members who for the first time had to go through the MCU/BCU card. It was attended by about 50 members from a number of branches across UK.

“I’m so excited to have our first Bible School and we must thank God for this- praise is to God,” said Rev Nyawo. He added: “To serve God one needs courage and the spirit within us today is so uplifting and I wish and pray for this to continue.”

Rev Nyawo’s devotion was centred on the Fellowship’s theme ‘Serving God with Courage’ [2 Chronicles 19:11]. He also made reference to following scriptures Jona 1:1-5; Psalm 12: 1 [Help Lord because those who loved God are diminishing…].

He stressed Godliness begins at family and supported this sermon by making reference to 1 Timothy 3:12 and Joshua 24:15.

Separate lessons were carried out with MCU focusing on ‘How to be a Godly Man in a family, work and community and also learning more about the MCU Card’. This was led by Rev Nyawo where emphasize the need for men to bring their children through the fear of God [Ephesians 6:4]

About being a Godly man and the community Rev Nyawo made reference to Romans 12:1-2; John 15:19 and John 17:14 & 16. He encouraged the group to go ahead and read the whole of Psalm 111.